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Why play on TropiCraft?

Friendly Admins

TropiCraft is full of very nice admins, who are always there to help you out. If you need anything they are also very reasonable too!

Rank Up!

When playin gon TropiCraft, you have the ability to build some really cool stuff and rank up to a better builder with more commands and WorldEdit!

Free Build!

In TropiCraft there are so many different places you can go to build where ever you want. Not only that, but TropiCraft ALSO has a Creative world that ANYONE can play in!


I promise you that if you join TropiCraft, you are never going to want to play on another server ever again!

— Mteverst (Max Kulik)

Hello, I'm Evan proud co-owner of TropiCraft. I'm excited to welcome all new members to TropiCraft where you will find the best staff, a friendly community, also a place where your voice will be heard if anyone of our players needs something!

— DBLTIME (Evan)

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Why Donate

Max Kulik

TropiCraft is a Minecraft server that I (Max Kulik/mteverst) run in my freetime. I love Minecraft, but I just don't get that same feeling when I am playing by myself. So I created TropiCraft, a wonderfull server where we make sure all users have as much fun as possible. The hard part about running the server is upgrading the hardware and software. Right now I just run the server off the few donations we get and whatever money I can round up. We were able to reach our first goal of $30, but now we are going to try to reach $50. Once TropiCraft has the $50 I will be moveing the server to a MUCH faster server with more than enough RAM! This will allow for many more players to join the game and open a whole new world of features! So please help us reach our new goal of $50, and I will try to get Notch to give you a hug. (No promises made here.)

  • $50 Goal 100%

How would you like to donate?

    Donate useing PayPal:

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    Donate useing BuyCraft

    Purchase in-game ranks such as V.I.P. with BuyCraft.
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    TropiCraft Partners

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    Flavio Adami

    A huge thanks to Flavio for investing in TropiCraft.

    TropiCraft Investor

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